Places and Spaces

Have you ever entered a home or an office where you felt really uncomfortable? There was nothing you could point to or see physically yet you knew something was off. You were experiencing dis-harmonious energy in the energetic field of the home or office. This dis-harmonious or discordant energy can cause the space to be unpleasant, and even hostile. People can become irritable, angry, and mean; they can get sick or experience body pain; outcomes and productivity in work environments can go awry, and nothing seems to work quite right. Even selling or buying a home can become problematic.

Real Estate

Clear a home or property before putting it on the market, or if it’s been on the market a while and is having difficulty selling.

Buildings and Workplaces

If you work in an office or other type of building and things seem unnecessarily chaotic, with conflict, and things not working as you know they could, there could be energies in the field of the building that need clearing. Low frequency, discordant energies that are causing an array of problems. Get these energies cleared and things will work better.


Business owners experience discordant energy in many different ways. Often it feels like they can’t get ahead, they’re constantly putting out fires, employees behaving badly, or many other “symptoms” of dis-harmonious energy. Clear the energy of your business and watch things flow smoothly.

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