What is Quantum Biofeedback?


Quantum Biofeedback (QBF) is able to detect and measure many different kinds of stressors, including viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, toxins, allergens, and many other frequencies that cause the body stress. Just like your body has a unique frequency, all of these stressors resonate at their own unique frequency. Once we measure these “incorrect” frequencies, we send neutralizing frequencies, which can restore the body’s harmony.


The QBF system is also able to detect the frequency of our cells and organs. If a cell is vibrating at a different frequency than the correct or healthy frequency, QBF sends the correct frequency to this “mistuned” or mis-aligned cell for a certain period of time. Eventually the cell will take on the correct or healthy frequency. That is, the cell regenerates and recovers.


Human beings are part of this self-organizing system. We are overflowing with the energy of well-being! Our entire system is directed towards staying on track, being well and free from illness. Therefore, it is our most unnatural state of being to be sick or lacking in energy. If we find ourselves experiencing illness, it is very likely that it will take the most subtle of taps in order to resolve this issue. Less is more.

The key is finding the right frequency to apply this “tap” to. This is what biofeedback brings to us. It is a sense of precision about where the system has taken a wrong turn and then a practical, non-toxic system to put us back on track! It is eminently practical and surprisingly effective. 

Health and Wellness

Feel great in your body and live your best life

Places and Spaces

Clear mis-aligned energy, reduce conflict, enjoy productivity and prosperity

Corporate Wellness

Reduce employee stress, increase productivity, joy, creativity, and overall well-being

Your body is a perfect self-organizing system. It has an innate ability to heal itself. So why do we get sick; end up in chronic pain, discomfort, and fatigue; have whole systems decline and deteriorate?

The big reasons – the root causes of almost every condition you can name — are lifestyle, diet, toxins, and pathogens. Not to mention toxic thoughts and emotions. In other words, external and internal stressors and blockages that keep the body suppressed and unable to stay in self-healing mode.

How do we return to and re-engage self-healing? By changing lifestyle, detoxing, and removing blockages to healing. Balancing the body so it can remember how to heal itself.

Quantum biofeedback removes blockages, unwinds stress in the body, balances the nervous system and returns the body to homeostasis – the perfect self-organizing system.


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